Targeting: Reach the Right Person at the Right Time


Each voter has a different set of interests, biases and viewpoints. The volume of data we aggregate gives political  advertisers the power to inform every ad’s message with knowledge of the user to cater to each voter’s interests.

Target voters who have expressed interest in a  candidate, policy or bill. SP Digital Group partners with LiveRamp, Neustar, Semcasting and others to target  users across all channels and devices.

Listlink targeting allows political advertisers to  convert their lists of physical addresses/emails to  digital IP address/device IDs to target those same  individuals with a relevant message across the web.

Today, users often seamlessly transition between  their smartphone, tablet and desktop. Running a  Cross- Device campaign gives an advertiser the  ability to reach users via multiple touch points to stay  top of mind and achieve optimal reach and frequency.

Partners like i360 and L2 Political aggregate  information around media consumption habits online  and offline, financial analysis, purchase behavior and  shopping behavior. Employ third party data to identify  users who fit an ideal voter profile while conserving  budget by not serving ads to users who are unlikely  to meet conversion goals.

With over 480 seats up for election, candidate and  political groups are likely to spend over $2 billion  in advertising leading up to voting day.

Presidential Election at a glance:

  • President of the United States

  • House: All 435 seats

  • Senate: 33 seats

  • Gubernatorial: 11 seats


Programmatic advertising provides political  marketers with control over who sees their ads,  when and how they get delivered and the valuable  insights that are derived.

The programmatic ecosystem allows political  campaigns to more accurately find key users,  efficiently deliver ads, optimize goals and  identify effectiveness. Candidates gain real-  world knowledge of voter interests to help inform  messaging, creative and campaign performance.


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